Screwtape Letters (The) Focus Guide PDF

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The Screwtape Letters

by C.S. Lewis

The novice demon Wormwood is in charge of deterring a young Christian from growing in his faith. Screwtape, Wormwood's uncle and a highly placed assistant to Satan, is his mentor, teaching Wormwood the value of deceit and temptation in detracting his "patient" from a close walk with God.

Barbara's Notes: Of all the new focus guides we are offering this year, I am most excited about this one. As Jessie developed the lessons, we held many meaningful and poignant discussions. I heartily recommend doing it with your student or in a Bible class for an mutually amazing experience.

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Focus Christian Apologetics
Focus Guide 3 weeks
Grade Level 10th – 12th
Book Summary 175 pages
Critical Thinking Difficult