Private Schools

Teacher’s Editions and Student Packets work well in co-op and classroom settings. This option is more cost-effective for learning environments with six or more students, and/or when the novel study will be taught more than one time.

Contents of Teacher's Edition

  • Detailed explanation of how program works
  • Sample lesson plans
  • Planning grid
  • Reproducible grammar worksheets
  • Reproducible glossary
  • Reproducible vocabulary tests
  • Reproducible book report form
  • Optional games
  • Field trip and hands-on suggestions
  • Critical and analytical thinking topics
  • Writing and discussion topics
  • Full-page answer keys

Teacher’s Editions come three-hole drilled, loose leaf, and shrink-wrapped.

Contents of Student Packets

  • Comprehension worksheets
  • Spelling worksheets
  • Vocabulary worksheets

Student Packets come three-hole drilled, loose-leaf, and shrink-wrapped. A minimum order of six per title is required. Student Packets are not sold individually and are not reproducible.

These titles are available in our Teacher’s Edition/Student Packet format:

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