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Scarlet Letter (The) Study Guide


The Scarlet Letter

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hester, Roger, and Arthur are caught in a web of sin and deceit. Each holds his or her own key to peace, but will the paths chosen lead to salvation or bitterness?

Barbara's Notes: This novel has it all: excellent characterization, intriguing plot, realistic setting, and a timeless theme with a high degree of symbolism. It is on most high school required reading lists. (Grades 11, 12)

More Information
Book Summary 255 pages
Book Category Historical fiction
Theme Man’s response to sin
Setting Boston, 1600s
Novel Study Highlights 5 units
Spelling-Vocabulary Difficult
Critical Thinking Difficult
Biblical Focus Response to sin
Related Studies Early American history, Puritans, Biblical salvation, sin
Focus Setting, tone, characterization, plot, theme, symbolism