Dragon's Blood Focus Guide PDF

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Dragon’s Blood

by Jane Yolen

A bond servant is little better than a slave and 15 year old Jakkin dreams of purchasing his freedom. His only hope of paying off his bond is to win gold in the dragon fighting pits. But first he must steal a dragon egg, and then secretly train the hatchling to be a champion. What will happen if Master Sarkkhan discovers his plan?

Barbara’s Notes: The Pit Chronicles, of which Dragon’s Blood is the first volume, is an enduring favorite in our household. It will appeal to readers who crave adventure whether male or female. It contains controversial elements so we recommend it at 7th grade and above, but are thrilled to offer a title where we can explore the redemptive power of Jesus’ blood.

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Format Download
Focus Creating a story-world; redemption
Focus Guide 3 weeks
Grade Level 7th – 9th
Book Summary 292 pages
Critical Thinking Medium
Dragon's Blood Focus Guide PDF