It's been a long time coming, but our new website is finally operational.  As with many new things, we may have glitches to work on; you can help by letting us know if something isn't working for you, or if there are confusing elements. 

This blog will be used to discuss issues related to homeschooling in general and language arts in particular.  If there are burning topics you're eager to see addressed, let me know and we can add them to the top of the list.  Currently, I plan to address:  How to Evaluate Your Child's Writing; The Reluctant Writer; What About Grammar; and The Value of Motion in Learning.

I'll begin posting about those topics after our annual Rep Weekend, January 15-18, 2009.  All our representatives will be joining me in Washington state for workshops and seminars in preparation for the 2009 homeschool convention season.  We want our reps to be the best anywhere, equipped to answer customer questions and serve the homeschooling community.  You can help by letting us know what you need from your representative.  What does a good rep look like to you and how can we serve you better?

Until then, God bless!